Thursday, February 15, 2007

A PPI Sponsored Project: Boogie Creek

Name of Project: Boogie Creek

Producer's Name: Qaddafi Sabree

Director's Name: Qaddafi Sabree

Length of Project: 30 min.

Short Project Summary: Boogie Creek is a small town in West Virginia named after a creek that streams through the woods so quiet that it's eerie. The town is made up of mostly lower to middle class whites and a few blacks. Carl, a man in his late 30s was born and raised in Boogie Creek. His family consists of his wife Candy, and his son Chip. Chip is a pre-teen who's into comic books and video games. His father however, wants to teach him the sport of hunting, which is very popular in the community in which they live. Carl is an army veteran, and has no-nonsense attitude, which can be seen when he's interacting with Chip. Carl's wife Candy believes that Chip is too young to be using guns and objects to Carl's teachings. One day Chip is assailant. When he doesn't find him, he roughs up the clerk at the store who happens to be innocent. On his way home, Carl sees a police car outside of his house. Thinking the clerk called the police, he decides to go to a friend's house. While at his friend's house, he meets his brother who happens to be visiting. They all go back to Carl's house and Chip recognizes Carl's friend's brother as his assailant. Carl and the man get into a fight, however stop when they hear a gunshot. The shot is coming from Chip, who is holding his father's rifle. Scared, and confused, Chip stands there until Candy comes out and startles him causing him to shoot her by accident, leaving the father ridden with guilt.

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