Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Summary of PPI services in 2006

PPI provided the following services in 2006:

Training for filmmakers: Workshops, classes, apprenticeships and internships are offered to individuals with varying levels of film backgrounds. These have included screenwriting, film directing as well as filmmaking workshops for adults and children. We often collaborate with institutions. Trainees in 2006 took part in scriptwriting and directing acting labs. They not only learned the practical art of filmmaking but the aesthetics of film, the social impact of this medium and how to tap into and realize one's own particular stories and ways of seeing the world without the obligation of imitating Hollywood or other commercial models.

Training for Audiences, Conferences/Work-Shops: PPI brings artists and audience together around critical issues of social responsibility, stereotypes, control of media outlets, film aesthetics, the social impact of film, world of cinema, etc. Examples of such workshops that took place in 2006 is, "The History of the Maroons," a series that fed directly in research being done for a film on the maroons in the Americas.

Throughout 2006 PPI sponsored a free weekly screening of movies with an accompanying discussion at Sankofa Video and Bookstore. We also provide theatre space for the premier openings of movies by filmmakers that we have sponsored, and others. These have included SANKOFA (made in the U.S.), BURNING AN ILLUSION (made in the UK), SARRAOUNIA (made in Burkina Faso/Paris).

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