Thursday, February 15, 2007

A PPI Sponsored Project: Finding My Precious Basquiat

Name of Project: Finding My Precious Basquiat

Director's Name: Johnalynn Holland

Producer's name: Johnalynn Holland

Short Project Summary: Mali a young schizophrenic artist is forced to choose between her love for her husband or her love for her husband or her love for her delusions of Jean Michel Basquiat.

Mali is on the cusp of a burgeoning fine arts career. At the onset of the story, Mali's days away from an important gallery featuring her highly commissioned painting. The painting, however, is now where near completion. Clef, also Mali's manager, is frustrated with Mali's indifference towards the impending crisis. His own career credibility is jeopardized so he gives her an ultimatum. Mali must choose between their life and career together or she must survive on her own.

Mali and Clef live as polar opposites. Mali is impulsive, stylistically unconventional and carefree while Clef is conservative, prepared and business orientated. Because of Clef's devotion and love for his wife, their marriage has endured her psychotic episodes. However, through the course of their marriage, Mali has become emotionally and physiologically resistant to her medication. It interferes with her creative process sending her personality into a near vegetative state.

When Mali regularly takes her psychotropic medication, she is complacent with Clef, yet uninspired. As a provider Clef, is paternalistic and controlling. When off her medication, Mali has delusions of her idol, dead pop contemporary art Jean Michel Basquiat. Because of Basquiat, her art work flourishes, inspired by their conversations and time with together. Also, she self-medicates with drugs and alcohol. Jean Michel fights for her attention interferes with her taking her medication. He encourages Mali to leave Clef and run away with him.

However, handicapped by her psychological state, is unable live on her own and Clef handicapped by his devotion is unable to let her go. The three characters live in a constant tug of war.

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