Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sponsorship of Film and Video Productions

PPI provides financial support to film and video makers in a variety of ways.

1. PPI gathers grants and other sources of financial support for specific film and video projects. SANKOFA is an early example and more recently in 2006 we continued sponsoring a run-off film from SANKOFA titled, THE MAROONS PROJECT.

2. PPI acts as a fiscal sponsor providing the financial oversight required by granting agencies that will allow filmmakers the credibility required by that agency. Examples in 2006 were, U STREET BLUES, THE PRICE OF ICE, and JUNKANOO.

3. PPI sponsors fund-raising activities for specific film projects. These have included exhibitions, mail requests, solicitation via our website, mail solicitation. Our work has resulted in the completion of over thirty productions by men and women, students and veteran filmmakers.

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